April 12, 2012

Martians land in Arizona - for Obama


OLD TIMER CHRONICLE – Yuma AZ – Martians have been spotted in Arizona getting out the vote door-to-door for President Barack Obama recently.

Two old homeless gentlemen seem to have cooked-up the strategy in order to augment the meager number of Democrats available to get out the vote in this Republican bastion.  According to an unnamed source at Crossroads Mission, Yuma AZ, the two men caught a ride on a flying saucer to Mars and talked citizens of that planet into campaigning for Obama in this southwestern state.  Republicans have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek with their comments on this but are, of course, vigorously suggesting fraud.

The two instigators of this solar political venture claim to be the reincarnations of Davy Crockett and Elfego Baca.  Crockett is the editor of the Old Timer Chronicle, a popular political-opinion newsletter.  And Baca is a transient, perhaps illegal, perhaps with a green card, or actually a citizen of this country.  In other words, being Hispanic in Arizona, he’s not talking about it.  He and Crockett caught the ride to Mars out of Yuma with Merlo 7, an ancient astronaut and king-pin in the operation.

“There are too few Democrats in this state, senor.” says Baca Reincarnated. “What Democrats there are here in Arizona seem afraid to walk around in the open. Most of them are hiding under the beautiful rocks, I guess.  So we’ve talked Martians into going door to door for our president.”

The Martians have been landing in a desert ghost town called Love, then hitch-hiking throughout the state to various communities like Yuma and Prescott. They’ve been accosting the Democrats in their offices about getting the vote out door-to-door and are very enthusiastic. These political voyagers number up to 2,000 so far, according to Arizona Census Bureau estimations (oops, that’s 200, sorry about the typo).

The Martains are friendly ~ sometimes too friendly. One walked into a house without knocking, then kissed on the lips the revolver-yielding home-owner, a Republican, a few miles south of Prescott. And another more attractive Martian appeared at a back door near Yuma with a burrowing-owl perched on top of her head.

The White House has no comments ~ yet.


Davy Crockett Reincarnated's editorial: