Elfego & Davy's Campaign for Obama


by Cloyd Campfire

     "No thanks," said Davy, no longer at U.S. Vets Ft. Wipple AZ but still abstaining. "I don't drink it no mo'."
     Elfego screwed the cap tight onto his little half-pint of Jack & slipped it back into his pack. He smacked his lips, exhaled & said, "We gotta help Obama for sure. We need more volunteers to go door to door to recruit more voters for the president in the next election."
     "How 'bout the Mexicans?" said Davy, an Anglo.
     His Hispanic compadre sadly slowly shook his head. "Most of them don't know enough English."
     "Can't they just carry signs?"
     Elfego studied the city lights of Yuma AZ in the paltry night. "They won't do it ~ not door to door."
     "They don't have to do it door to door. They can just walk along the street like they always do."
     The two poor men were getting no where with this conversation ~ there on top of the hill of dirt & concrete chunks in the gravel pit next-door to Crossroads Mission down in Yuma. Of course we all know Yuma is located along the Mexican border in the desert of Arizona. Thus both men, sprawled on their sleeping bags in the balmy night, were covered with a fine white dust.
     Exasperated, ex-gun-fighter Elfego Baca Reincarnated started looking for the 7-star Big Dipper in the night-time sky. Peering upward he noticed a flying saucer hoovering directly overhead ~ twinkling like a giant tipped-over ferris wheel & slowly turning. He leaped to his feet, which is quite a feat ~ for somebody his age. "My Jesus! A flying saucer!" he exclaimed.
     Eternal frontiersman Davy Crocket Reincarnated glanced-up kinda bored. "That's just Merlo 7 ~ probably come by to harrass me with some lame ancient astronomer project to waste my time."
     "Like recruiting Martians to get out the vote door to door for Obama?" suggested Elfego with a chuckle & a slurp of Jack.
     "Yeah. Martians and John Carter," laughed Davy ~ referring to one of the latest flicks at the box office. Then suddenly old homeless Crocket Reincarnated leaped to his feet, quite a feat, like a 13-year-old kid.
     And he exclaimed, "That's a great idea, Elfego!"


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