June 29, 2012 

Zonies & Martians

Getting To Know Each Other


OLD TIMER CHRONICLE Yuma AZ ~ It was inevitable that all those Martians in Arizona running around getting the vote out for President Barack Obama would eventually win the people over.

The census bureau’s latest count of Martians in the Grand Canyon state is 6,300.  Of these, 6000 are invisible but still very efficient door-to-door campaigners, as they are able to communicate telepathically.  The other 300 are becoming more and more popular as they win over the population of this supposedly conservative southwestern state.

As the photo above illustrates, some Arizonans have allowed Martians to take part in their family activities and are even letting them live in their homes until election day in November.

Here at the Old Timer newspaper office in Yuma we hope to get an interview with their leader, Saint Joan of Mars, soon…