June 22, 2012

Arizona Welcomes




OLD TIMER CHRONICLE Yuma AZ – A new phenomena is occuring and spreading throughout Yuma County and into communities all over Arizona.  There’s a knock on the door.  An Arizonan gets up out of his or her easy chair, opens the door, and nobody is there.  Then the Arizonan shuts the door, sits back down, and is suddenly talking about all the accomplishments of President Barrack Obama.

Lo’ and behold, someone has just had a telepathic conversation with one of 6,000 invisible Martians going door to door getting the vote out for Obama in this supposedly conservative southwestern state.  All these invisible Martians are friendly, motivated, and convincing.  How could they not be ~ seeing as their leader, also invisible, is none other than Saint Joan of Mars, who is the reincarnation of probably the most inspirational commander throughout all of humankind’s history ~ Joan of Arc.

Democrats are delighted.  Republicans are screaming fraud ~ but not all Republicans.  Those who experience this epidemic phenomena are more likely to be screaming, “Obama four more years!”

It doesn’t look good for Mitt Romney, the other contender for the White House in the general election looming in November.