Merlo 7

 The Campaign Continues


by Cloyd Campfire


"What about Saint Joan?" said Crockett to Baca.  

Elfago Baca Reincarnated glanced over at Davy Crocket Reincarnated & winced. Baca would have liked to have been in his home village far below the border eating dog soup instead of here on this rockpile in Yuma, Arizona. He lingered upon the thought of slurping-up luke-warm dog soup & winced again.  

"You're twitching," said Crockett. The eternal frontiersman adjusted his powder horn. Baca hated it when Crockett did that because the powder horn wasn't really there.  

"What about Saint Joan?" said Baca.  

"Where is she?" grimaced Crockett.  

T'was the middle of the afternoon & the heat was more than heat. It was fire. But you couldn't see the flames. There's a lot in this world we cannot see. But it's there ~ right in front of our noses ~ even up our noses! However, the sweat rolling off these two men was very visible ~ like a thousand trickling waterfalls.  

Elfego & Davy had recently survived harrowing adventures beyond the realm of Earth ~ and here they were deposited (or beamed) back to where it had all begun ~ upon the rank hill of refuse chunk & dirt in the gravel pit nex' to Crossroads Mission. And around this was the city of Yuma & its farm fields splashed across Arizona's desert floor for miles. In the midst of terrific drama Merlo 7 in his spacecraft had to deposit these two old waifs here & now, no matter how hot it be. T'was near the end of the month of May, 2012.  

Then both of them received a telepathic message, right now, from she whom they were wondering about ~ Saint Joan of Mars.  

"Joan!" exclaimed them both in unison. Then they looked & hunted about & could not find this sacred personage.  

I'll try to be brief ~ alas, perhaps too brief ~ for I only have so much patience & energy for the explaining of the situation in which these two men have found themselves:  

After they had hit upon the idea of employing Martians to get out the vote in Arizona for President Barack Obama ~ with Merlo 7's lunar assistance they'd made it real. But the unexpected added it's ribald proportions. Together the 3 political argonauts had transported over several weeks time about 200 Martians to the Grand Canyon state to do as they had planned ~ get out the vote for the president. But Saint Joan of Arc, reincarnated on Mars so now known as Saint Joan of Mars, had decided via the divine voices of her mind to transport 6,000 more Martians to this humble & conservative southwestern state. 6,000 is quite a few. A debacle had ensued ~ something I won't get into here but which you can pursue via the St Joan Pictorial (next page). The pictorial doesn't provide too many details but it's a start & provides some great pictures.  

The telepathic message Elfego & Davy had in unison received from Saint Joan let them know that she was standing right there with them in the middle of this sweltering afternoon. Next she silently told them the obvious, that she was invisible.  

"What the..." began Crockett.  

"Holy saints above & below!" finished Baca.  

But the worst part of it was she then told them that 6,000 Martians were standing around on the dirt lot infront of the mission and crowding down along the railroad tracks. And then, and then she told them these hordes were ready to go door to door in Arizona getting the vote out for President Barack Obama.  

"There must be something unacceptable about this," said Elfago Baca Reincarnated.  

"Let's just do it!" howled Davy Crocket Reincarnated. He then blushed ~ for he felt a peck on his raggedy old cheek from the young & demure inspirational leader of the 6,000 ~ Saint Joan of Mars!


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